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About Us

A Wedding Venue with History

At Fig Hollow Barn, we know how to create the perfect atmosphere for that special event in your life. No matter what your preferences or special requests might be, we can make them happen.

Fig Hollow is an 85 year old riding arena that was once the best in its day. 

Due to all the wood in barns- they are often dark.  Fig Hollow is unique with our 60 feet back wall of glass that is 15 feet tall. All this glass lets in so much natural light and just ask any photographer how important that is!  And on beautiful days, we can open this wall 100% to let the outside in.   There is a beautiful view of our 25 acres of farm land.

Go green!  Fig Hollow Barn is also 100% Carbon Neutral, completely powered by solar energy.  

Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

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