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Light up your event

We prefer Skylighters of WNY.  Contact Matt Shaw.  He is professional and his company puts on over 30 firework performances every weekend through the warmer weather months all over the state of NY.  They are stunning, colorful, boombastic and professional.  *( we mad e up the word boombastic...but you get the picture)  The cost can run from $2500 to $5000.   Call them at 716.903.3291

The process for hosting a firework display is:

1. the licensed company hosting it will submit an application to the town of Macedon's Clerk.  The application will be presented to the town board for approval.  The permit is accompanied with a site drawing, insurance, all contact information.  This should be done a minimum of four months prior.

Town Clerk (e)986-5932 x102

2. Fig Hollow Barn will notify:

A. the community via Facebook group pages as soon as we are aware but will also report one week prior to the event.

B. 911 as so to prevent unnecessary public safety resources from being dispatched.

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