You have questions...Fig Hollow has answers!

How much is it to book Fig Hollow Barn?

Pricing may vary depending on your need for the barn.  Wedding prices are noted as

FIG HOLLOW BARN WEDDING COST: (If less than 100 people- please deduct $500 from the numbers below.) 

Friday rental fee of $5500.  

Saturday rental fee $6500.  

Sunday rental fee $4500.

What is included with the rental of Fig Hollow Barn

Pricing is based on having a gathering up to or around 180 people.   You get complete use of inside and outside of the barn.  So, take advantage of photos near the creek, in the hollow or by the old rock foundation of a barn that is no longer.  We supply 6 foot round tables and you choose either black Chiavari chairs or white folding chairs.  We have a beautiful wood arbor if hosting the ceremony on-site that is available at no extra cost.  Multiple lounge areas with leather furniture for your non-dancing guests to hang out on.  A funky grain bin bar, whiskey barrel cocktail tables and bar stools.  The space has a gorgeous 5 foot tall chandelier in the center and the ceiling is dripping of sparkly cafe' lights (again all included.) And, if Mother Nature calls your name - we have a high end porta potty trailer that has both AC and heat.

What is not included in the rental cost?

You or a caterer or vendor will supply linens, tableware / flatware, flowers, food / beverages or bartender for the bar, music, photos. 

Is a deposit required to book the barn?

"Booking" the barn requires a deposit of $1500 to reserve your 2022 or 2023 date.  Of that deposit, $1000 goes towards your total invoice.  There is a $500 security deposit that after your wedding, will be returned pending inspection.  Pricing noted is for attendance up to 180 people for the year of 2022 and 2023.  Pricing is valid til 12/31/2022.  Again, $1000 of your deposit will be applied to your total.  The security deposit is returned as long as the premises and all contents are left clean to the degree of a large event had taken place and furniture, port-a-potty and structure are undamaged.  Deposit will be impacted if any cleaning is necessary above what is deemed acceptable or if there was damage or items taken from the premises.

Do you refund deposits?

Deposits are not refundable.  However, if a pandemic was to continue or occur and the Federal Department of CDC shuts down gatherings or puts limitations of any sort in place that you do not like - we will 100% refund your deposit.  The judgement related to COVID, CDC restrictions and choosing to not have your event is totally at your discretion and you will not be locked into a date or lose any funds.  Again, this means you are not locked into any date - you can completely cancel, get 100% refund and walk away if COVID restrictions are reinstated.

What time can we have access to the barn and what time does it close?

Most wedding barns become available around 11am.  Fig Hollow is available starting at 9am the day of your event.  If you are using a caterer to set up your tables, they typically arrive 3 hours prior.

The latest music can go is 10pm on a Friday or Saturday.  All clean up of decorations, gifts, etc must be completed by 11pm and all guests and wedding party must be out at that time.  On Sunday's music should end at 8pm.  There is also no tailgating permitted once the wedding has ended.

Is the barn heated or does it have air conditioning?

Fig Hollow Barn is not a heated venue so it is only available currently spring through early fall.  Winterizing it is a goal over the next couple of years.  Fig Hollow Barn does not have air conditioning either but the ceilings are close to 30 feet tall and the concrete floor keeps the space extremely comfortable.  We have 60 feet of glass along the back of the venue that are 15 feet tall and they completely open and allow air to flow nicely.  We also have two large barn fans in opposite corners to move the air in case the temperatures are extremely warm.  Again, with the back glass doors open and the front barn doors, we get the perfect cross breeze.

What is the parking situation and is there a maximum permitted?

Parking is on a mowed grass field.  Depending on the size of your wedding, there will be one or two parking attendants present one hour prior to the ceremony or start of wedding reception.  We will direct guests where to park. Fig Hollow Barn has strung cafe lights for safety when guests leave.

What is the bathroom situation?

We have a high end port-a-potty trailer (is that an oxymoron?) It has air conditioning and heat if needed.  It has a single use, separate space for ladies and men.  Both have full vanities with a sink and lighted mirror, running water out of an actual faucet.  The spaces are actually quite large.   The men's bathroom has a toilet and a urinal.  There are two steps up in to the port-a-potty trailer so please let us know if If you need a handicap bathroom rented.  This is an À la carte fee.

Can you create a small, intimate setting at your venue?

Absolutely.  Fig Hollow Barn is large enough to host a wedding up to 299 people, but it is not cavernous in the sense a small gathering looks out of place.  Fig Hollow Barn also has the ability to bring in some architectural pieces to "fill in" areas to warm the space.  We can set up a ceremony area in the center which then easily transitions to a dance floor for afterwards.

How much does it cost to hire a vendor Does Fig Hollow Barn supply the food and bar service?

Fig Hollow Barn does not provide either.  We do have a grain bin bar and a caterers kitchen space for your vendors to use though. All Caterers, Food Trucks and Bartenders must have a Food Permit to serve in Wayne County and must be fully insured.  Certificate of Insurance must be provided to Fig Hollow Barn.   We are a new venue and are open to working with almost any caterer, but caterers and vendors need to be pre-approved through Fig Hollow Barn.  Unfortunately, food prepared or alcohol served by family or friends is not permitted due to liability issues.  Again, if you have a specific preference of a new caterer - please let us know.   

Note that your caterer is responsible for clearing of dirty dishes and empty cups through out the reception and for the removal of all garbage and trash receptacles should be left empty.  Clearing of tables of dirty dishes and empty glasses cannot be left till the end of the party due to the appearance and its reflection on Fig Hollow.

Both Creative Caterers and Partyman Catering hosted weddings recently and the food was fantastic compared to others.  They both managed the food and the bar and did a great job. 

Creative Caterers: Ask for Kellibeth. Her team with Michael, Nina and Christine were amazing and very accommodating.  I was impressed with this company!  They are located at 2328 Old Browncroft Blvd, Rochester, NY 14625 and you can find more information at  Their phone number is (585) 288-5898

Partyman: Ask for Paige since she managed the event at our location and knows the lay of the land well.  Their phone number is 585.438.4321.  Their address is 1515 W Henrietta Rd, Avon, NY 14414 and here is their website:  

When it comes to the bar and your caterer serving beer, wine or liquor - there is no drinking beyond the wedding barn or the designated exterior reception area.

Can we host the rehearsal wedding at Fig Hollow Barn?

Absolutely, just keep in mind that since we may book events for a Friday and Saturdays on the same weekend - if the wedding barn is available the evening before your wedding, you are more than welcome to use it for your rehearsal.  Rehearsals are alotted a one hour time slot of your choice - which based on all of the weddings we have hosted- is plenty of time to do a few practice walks and organizing everyone.  We will be able to share at least 60 to 90 days prior to your wedding if the night before is available.  Otherwise, Thursday evenings are left open and are available for all weddings booked in a particular weekend.  Rehearsals are alotted one hour time segments.  Most are completed within a half hour.